RF Cables

In partnership with Huber+Suhner of Switzerland, production & testing of the LISCA cable assemblies is carried out at our specifically designed workshop in Pucklechurch, North Bristol.

Customisation of assembly is achievable by client specification of the pattern(s) of connector and overall length with a quick turnaround service fully available.

Lisca RF Jumper Cables

Lisca RF Jumpers are a specially developed cabling where low voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) and low attenuation combined with low intermodulation products are required.

  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Defence
  • Test & Measurement

We are proud to confirm that all our cable assemblies are built to technical design and performance code 52.

Each and every assembly is subjected to no fewer than three types of performance approval commissioning:

  1. PIM - Low intermodulation distortion levels
  2. NWA - return and insertion frequency loss
  3. Hipot - DC voltage resistance

Uncompromising quality standards have been established to achieve a consistently high performance from our focussed team of engineers to supply an equally optimal product.

  • High crush resistance
  • Highly efficient RF signal distribution
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor applications
  • Applicable in frequencies up to 3.8GHz

Order coding for LISCA RF jumper:

EG: LIS - C7 - F - 11 - 4310 - 16 - 4310 - 01000 - 52

Attribute Part code Part name
Product name LIS LISCA
Cable type C7 SUCOFEED_3/8_HF
Flame retardent F flame retardent
Pattern of connector 11 Straight male
16 Right angle male
21 Straight female
Connector interface NXX NEX10
4310X 4.3-10 plug
Performance 52 LTE

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